Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Meeting Map _TIP

TIP’s biennial stakeholder meetings and survey gives a voice to hundreds of immunization stakeholders statewide, empowering participants to identify immunization issues in their community and effectively advocate on behalf of positive policy change. TIP follows a grassroots process that fosters community engagement, builds partnerships, and serves as a catalyst for agencies to coordinate capacities and improve immunization outcomes.

Since 2008, TIP has hosted 22 stakeholder meetings and distributed three statewide surveys. TIP’s biennial immunization stakeholder meetings have engaged over 700 immunization participantsthrough its stakeholder meetings and over 880 stakeholders through its statewide surveys.

TIP’s biennial report is distributed to over 1,000 immunization partners and stakeholders, and highlights recommendations for improving immunization rates in Texas.

The findings from the stakeholder meetings and surveys, along with recommendations for how to address various immunization issues, are published biennially in partnership with the St. David’s Foundation. Our recent reports are available for download on our Publications page.


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