How You Can Advocate

Advocacy Activities

Stakeholder Meetings

Stakeholders attended town hall meetings throughout the state. Stakeholders learn about the current immunization policy landscape in Texas and share successes and challenges to maintaining and improving immunization rates. Information gathered from these meetings help develop upcoming legislative priorities.

Immunization Advocacy Day at the Texas Capital

On April 2, 2019, TIP and Immunize Texas held the largest Immunization Advocacy Day at the Texas Capitol in the history of the organization with close to 300 supporters attended. Immunization Advocacy Day offered an opportunity to show lawmakers a strong representation of immunization supporters from across the state.

What You Can Do

Immunize Texas

Immunize Texas is a grassroots network of parents, friends, and community members dedicated to promoting immunization in Texas and keeping our communities protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. We know vaccines protect Texans and a healthy Texas is a safe Texas.

Immunize Texas not only works towards educating the public about the benefits of vaccines and their importance to the health and safety of our society, but also supports science-based immunization policies and legislation. Find out how you can get involved and help support their efforts at

Take Action

Take action in support of immunization! Your involvement – big or small – will help keep our communities free from vaccine-preventable disease. Please join us!