2023 Texas Legislative Session
HB 44 Swanson SB 303, by
Relating to provider discrimination against a Medicaid recipient or child health plan program enrollee based on immunization status.
HB 81 Harrison SB 177, by Middleton Relating to informed consent before the provision of certain medical treatments involving COVID-19 vaccination.
HB 138 Toth   Relating to an employee’s right to privacy of personal health information; providing a civil penalty.
HB 172 Howard SB 342, by
Relating to the immunization data included in and excluded from the immunization registry.
HB 280 Toth   Relating to required submission of vaccine injury reports to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.
HB 518 Wu SB 77, by
Relating to notice of the health of children attending and adults employed by a child-care facility.
HB 777 Vasut   Relating to prohibiting face covering mandates for public school students, prohibiting public schools from requiring students to provide documentation regarding certain vaccinations, and allowing public schools to screen students regarding certain infections.
HB 807 Harrison   Relating to immunization requirements.
HB 1015 Vasut   Relating to a prohibition on receipt of state money by businesses that implement COVID-19 vaccination requirements
HB 1032 Noble   Relating to prohibited vaccination status discrimination and requirements for COVID-19 vaccines.
HB 1063 Guerra SB 852 by
Relating to the content of certain biennial legislative reports on immunizations issued by the Department of State Health Services.
HB 1105 Price SB 749 by
Relating to the administration of a medication and the ordering and administration of an immunization or vaccination by a pharmacist
HB 1313 Burrows SB 403, by Springer Health & Human Services & Dept. State Health Services must conduct study to assess full and complete adverse reactions (including death) and effectiveness of each type of COVID 19 vaccine used in Texas
HB 1419 Cain   Relating to the repeal of certain limitations on bacterial meningitis vaccination exemptions for students at institutions of higher education.
HB 3475 Leach   Relating to exemptions from COVID-19 vaccine requirements and vaccination status discrimination.
SB 265 Perry   Relating to required reports of certain vaccine-related or drug-related injuries and adverse events.
SB 298 Hall   Relating to informed consent to immunizations for children and civil liability for failure to obtain the consent.
SB 302 Hall   Relating to employer civil liability for a vaccine requirement imposed on the employer’s employees.
SB 304 Hall   Relating to prohibited immunization status discrimination and vaccine mandates; authorizing administrative penalties.
SB 305 Hall   Relating to vaccine administration requirements and protection of immunization exemptions for health reasons.
SB 308 Hall   Relating to prohibited vaccination status discrimination and requirements for COVID-19 vaccines; authorizing administrative penalties.
SB 314 Hall   Relating to required labeling of certain products that contain or are derived from aborted human fetal tissue
SB 390 Hall   Repealing authority to exclude non-vaccinated students from attending public school in emergency or epidemic
SB 626 Hall   Relating to the affidavit form provided by the Department of State Health Services for certain immunization exemptions.
SB 641 Johnson   Relating to the vaccination against bacterial meningitis of public school students.
SB 700 Eckhardt   Relating to the implementation by public schools of certain communicable disease public health orders issued by a health authority.
SB 1024 Kolkhorst   Relating to preventative health care and public health; authorizing a civil penalty.
SB 1025 Kolkhorst   Relating to immunization requirements and documentation, including adverse event tracking following the administration of vaccines and booster doses.
SB 1026 Kolkhorst   Relating to prohibited COVID-19 vaccine mandates and vaccination status discrimination.
SB 1177 Hall   Relating to the vaccination against bacterial meningitis of public school students.