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Thursday March 15, 2018

Meningococcal Vaccine, the Teen Vaccine Too Easily Forgotten

Meningococcal disease is a rare disease, but one with swift and terrible consequences. In a very short time, those stricken can end up in the hospital with this life-threatening illness, at risk of deafness, the need for limb amputation and even of dying.

Friday March 9, 2018

Texas, Your Flu Rates Are Still High. Time for that Vaccine!

The latest flu map from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows clear signs that the nation is beginning to put the peak of flu season behind it. Just a couple of weeks ago, the map was almost completely colored in red, the sign of the highest level of flu activity. Now, well over half of the states have at least somewhat lesser levels of flu.

Thursday March 1, 2018

HPV Awareness Day, the Perfect Time for Some Serious Questions and Answers

Sunday is International HPV Awareness Day, so this is a good time for open and frank discussion of the vaccine against human papillomavirus. HPV is responsible for most of the cervical cancers in this country and worldwide. It’s not just a women’s concern, though. The virus also can cause cancers of the throat, penis and anus in men. Every 20 minutes, someone in the United States is diagnosed with a cancer related to HPV, according to the University of New Mexico’s Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Tuesday February 20, 2018

This Year's Flu Vaccine is More Effective than People Thought

This year’s flu season is turning out to be as bad as health experts had feared, in large part because of the H3N2 strain, which is particularly virulent and also remarkably quick to mutate. According to Dr. Shruti Gohil, associate medical director of epidemiology and infection protection for UC Irvine Health, the virus can mutate even while the vaccine is still being incubated in eggs.

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