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Monday December 12, 2016

TIP Publishes a New Report on the State of Vaccination in Texas

TIP is proud to present our new report, “A Time for Action: Recommendations for Improving Texas Immunization Rates,” which includes the results of a new survey on vaccination in Texas as well as key recommendations for combating vaccine hesitancy and improving the state’s health through increased vaccination rates.

Tuesday November 29, 2016

Flu is a killer. More of us should be fighting it.

Even in this era of disease control and sophisticated medical treatment, influenza is a deadly danger. From 2007 to 2015, it killed 158 children and teens in Texas alone, according to the Department of State Health Services. That far outweighs the number of deaths in the state from whooping cough and meningococcal disease combined.

Thursday November 17, 2016

What We Know About HPV Vaccine Safety

You have a better chance of becoming a billionaire than you do of having a severe reaction to a vaccine in the United States. Even still, should families be worried? We lay out what science has shown about the safety of the HPV vaccine.

Monday October 31, 2016

What's More Tightly Tested for Safety, Vaccines or Supplements?

At a time when many people are expressing concerns about vaccines, and embracing alternative medicine as a way of staving off illness, it’s worth looking at the differences between how the two make the journey to market, and how their safety and effectiveness are judged.

Thursday October 27, 2016

Vaccines take a long, research-intensive road to licensing

New vaccines are hardly new by the time they’re first offered to the public. Ten to 15 years of testing on their safety and effectiveness has usually taken place first. And they will continue to be examined by a panel of government experts for as long as they’re around.

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