The Immunization Partnership (TIP) is a trusted resource for information and engagement in public policy that affects immunization. TIP works with organizations and coalitions around Texas to encourage active engagement in the public policy process—and to accelerate participation—resulting in a more engaged supporter network.

Public Policy

Lives have been saved because of laws passed that preserved and increased access to vaccines that prevent diseases like measles, meningitis, and polio. We not only help draft proposed state legislation but we also work with state agency officials to shape how a law is implemented. 

Legislative Advocacy

We educate lawmakers about our positions on vaccine legislation and the impact and consequences to public health. TIP provides vital expertise and perspectives to state government decision-makers to craft improved laws and policies

Grassroots Action

We provide resources and guide our supporters how to most effectively demonstrate the depth and breadth of immunization support. We help them communicate our position to the general public and to elected officials.