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Webinar: Immunization Coverage Rates in Texas

This video explores vaccination rates in Texas across the lifespan. Posted January 2017. 

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Go to the CDC's tools ChildVaxView, TeenVaxView, FluVaxView, SchoolVaxView and/or AdultVaxView interactive tables, and compare Texas rates for individual vaccines to those of other states. Consider the following questions: 

  • In what area(s) does Texas surpass those of national rates and other states? 
  • In what area(s) does Texas fall behind? 
  • How have rates changed over time?
  • What other important coverage gaps not mentioned in the webinar do you see that could be useful for education and outreach efforts? 
  • If you were to design an educational effort to improve vaccination rates in your community, who and where would you focus your attention? 



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