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Thursday May 26, 2016

9 Surprising Benefits of Vaccine Advocacy


The benefits of vaccinations are obvious; that’s why we all advocate for them so fiercely. Less obvious are the benefits of being a vaccine advocate. Here are 9 awesome traits that go along with being an immunization advocate:

1. You’re good at talking to people
Because you never miss a chance to advocate for vaccinations, you’ve really developed your social skills. You listen to people and understand where they’re coming from before you can explain how vaccines can help them, and those skills help out everywhere.

2. You think about things more subtly
You know that just because the flu vaccine isn’t 100% effective doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile; you understand that starting your HPV vaccination is great — but that you really need all three doses. An immunization advocate appreciates subtle distinctions.

3. You become a go-to source of vaccine-related info
Did you know mumps is more contagious than ebola? Of course you did. You're full of fun facts about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases. In fact, you probably are the first person friends and family call when they see a measles outbreak in the news or need advice on how to address misinformation about vaccines online.

4. You’re detail-oriented
Flu vaccine effectiveness from season to season to season? Where your child is on their vaccination schedule? Keeping track of all those things make details a cinch for advocates.

5. You overcome your fear of needles
You know all the good those few seconds of pain bring, and you’ll happily suffer through it.

6. ... Same with doctors visits
Waiting rooms, missing work, Highlights magazine; it’s all worth it in the end.

7. You might have gotten a new job out of it
Nursing, NGO work, maybe even disease detective! If you’re into vaccines, there’s plenty of fulfilling career paths available.

8. You aren't afraid to show you care
You don't want your loved ones getting preventable diseases. That's why you make sure you and everyone you care about are up to date.

9. And a way to get involved in your community
Ultimately, we all just want to make the world a better place.

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Liz Ditz said...
Make new friends! Through my work to help pass California's SB277, I met a passel of amazing people I would not otherwise have encountered.
June 13, 2016 09:18

Heidi said...
Becoming a legislative testimony champion!
June 13, 2016 02:57

Medical Practice said...
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June 24, 2016 02:25

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