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Tuesday April 3, 2018

The Ultimate Vaccine Quiz


Our readers tend to be very knowledgeable about vaccination. But exactly how expert are you on the subject? This is National Public Health Week, with today particularly devoted to the fight against communicable diseases. In honor of the day, we’ve come up with this quiz for you to test your vaccine knowledge. Answers below; don’t peek!


  1. What is the one disease that has been eradicated from the entire world through vaccination?
  2. OK, that was an easy one. Now tell us where the word “vaccine” comes from.
  3. How many lives is Edward Jenner credited with saving with his extraordinary discovery?
  4. What are the vaccines that Louis Pasteur is credited with developing?
  5. How did Switzerland virtually eradicate rabies in 1939?
  6. In how many cases has the U.S. vaccine court found that a vaccine caused autism?
  7. Scientists recently published a study taking another look at a vaccination campaign in Australia against serotype B meningococcal disease. What disease did the vaccine appear to prevent, in addition to meningococcal disease?
  8. How much does the flu cost the United States each year, on average?
  9. Why was Andrew Wakefield stripped of his medical license?
  10. What contains more formaldehyde, a vaccine or a pear?
  11. Who developed more than 40 vaccines, including eight of the routine childhood vaccines?
  12. How many Texas teenagers have been vaccinated against HPV, compared with how many nationwide?
  13. What was the big change in vaccination guidelines in 2017?
  14. Why haven't children been able to get the nasal mist vaccine for flu during the past two years, instead of the shot?
  15. What world-famous violinist can walk only with leg braces and crutches, and otherwise uses a motorized scooter to get around, because he was fell ill with polio before the vaccine had been developed?
  16. Challenging one for you: What is the effectiveness rate of the older shingles vaccine in people in their 70s and what is the rate for the same group with the new vaccine?
  17. Health teams are trying to eradicate polio worldwide, but in what nation are they confronting myths that the vaccine is a Western plot to hurt children, and even that it consists of urine?
  18. In what European nation did more than 30 children die of measles, a disease that is easily prevented by a highly effective vaccine, from January 2016 to June 2017?
  19. Texas has developed a reputation for being a center of vaccine hesitation and opposition. So how many kindergartners in the state have been vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella?
  20. Who is the Texas scientist working on developing vaccines against diseases that sicken people in developing nations, who has acted as a courageous supporter of vaccines and who, as the father of a daughter with autism, can bring his personal voice to debunking the myth that vaccines cause autism?




(1)   Smallpox. (2) The Latin root Vacca for cow, because Jenner’s smallpox vaccine was developed from cowpox. (3) More than 500 million. (4) Anthrax, rabies and fowl cholera. (5) It placed chicken heads laced with rabies vaccine in the Alps. Foxes, the main vectors for rabies, ate the chicken heads, were protected from rabies and thus didn’t spread it. (6) Zero. (7) Gonorrhea. (8) $7.1 billion (9) For misrepresenting  or changing the medical histories of all of the subjects in his fraudulent study linking vaccination with autism. (10) A pear, about 50 times more formaldehyde. (11) Maurice Hilleman. (12) 49.3 percent, compared with 60 percent nationwide. Texas has a long way to go on protecting future generations from several kinds of cancer! (13) The CDC recommended two doses of the vaccine for HPV for older children and young teenagers, instead of the previous three. (14) Studies showed the nasal mist had not been effective in recent years. (15) Itzhak Perlman. (16) 41 percent, vs. 91 percent for the newly approved vaccine. (17) Afghanistan. (18) Romania. (19) 97.3 percent, according to the latest CDC data. In fact, only three states had higher MMR vaccination rates. (20) Peter J. Hotez, head of the Texas Children’s Hospital Venter for Vaccine Development, and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine.



Score:   Fewer than five correct: You need to read our blog more frequently!

              5-10 correct: You’re getting started on your vaccine knowledge.

              11-15 correct: Good job! You’re vaccine literate.

              16-20 correct: Congratulations! You’re a vaccine expert!



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