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Monday December 31, 2018

Test yourself with our 2018 vaccine news quiz!


Were you paying attention to the news about vaccination during 2018? Here’s the real test of whether that’s true. The answer key is below, with links to most of the answers that will lead you to the stories that explain in better detail.

Go ahead, see if you qualify as a vaccine news hound – and if not, read this blog regularly during 2019. You’re sure to do better on our next news quiz!

1. Washington state law requires parents to see a doctor for a discussion of vaccines before they can exempt their children from being vaccinated for school. What did a study find about the effects of this law? (A) Parents saw fewer doctors. (B) Parents talked their children’s doctors into being vaccine doubters. (C) Doctors were unpersuasive. (D) Exemption rates fell by 40 percent.

2. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a new recommendation on the nasal flu vaccine. What was it? (A) Take the vaccine off the market. (B) Bring it back as an option. (C) Make it an over-the-counter drug. (D) Use it to prevent flu in dogs and cats.

3. Which of the following statements about the new shingles vaccine is FALSE? (A) There’s plenty of it for everyone over age 50. (B) It’s very popular. (C) People can get it even if they’ve had the old vaccine. (D) It’s more effective.

4. Which of the following vaccine heroes published a book in 2018? (A) Greg Williams. (B) Peter J. Hotez. (C) Paul A. Offit. (D) All of the above.

5. How many Texans died of flu during the 2017-18 flu season? (A) Slightly fewer than 400. (B) 2,374, with 99 percent of those older than 70. (C) More than 9,000. (D) Almost exactly 1,000.

6. What new use are researchers looking into for the polio vaccine? (A) Cancer treatment. (B) Super plant fertilizer. (C) Preventing bacterial infections. (D) Growth hormone.

7. What new decision was made by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the HPV vaccine? (A) Approved for use in boys as young as 5. (B) Approved for adults ages 26 to 45. (C) Approved for women ages 26 to 45. (D) Approved for adults 45 to 55.

8. Where was there a serious U.S. outbreak of measles in a tightknit community? (A) Minnesota. (B) Mississippi. (C) New York (D) Mississippi.

9. What did a major new poll find about vaccine beliefs in America? (A) Most people don’t think they’re important. (B) Parents are more likely to think vaccines are very important for their children. (C) People are less likely to think that vaccination decisions should be the parents’ choice. (D) None of the above.

10. Outbreaks of which disease in several U.S. states led health officials to urge more people to consider vaccination and the employees of one food chain to all volunteer to be vaccinated? (A) Hepatitis A. (B) Hepatits B.  (C) Hepatitis C. (D) None of the above.


Answer key: (1) D (2) B (3) A (4) D (5) C (6) A (7) B (8) C (9) D (10) A  


How did you score?

9-10 correct: You’re a vaccine news hound!

7-8 correct: Pretty darn knowledgeable!

5-6 correct: Meh

1-4 correct: You should check out our blog on a more regular basis in 2019!




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