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Monday February 5, 2018

High Flu Activity in Most of the Nation


About six weeks ago, Texas was one of a handful of states with high levels of flu activity. Now, the newest map from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control shows most of the country marked in red, the highest level of flu activity.

It's interesting to note that a few states have only moderate levels of flu, and some actually have low flu activity, despite a flu season that so far has been marked by crowding at emergency rooms and too many stories of otherwise healthy people, including children, who died from the flu or suffered very serious complications.

Maine appears to be avoiding problems so far, with the lowest levels of flu activity. It's unknown whether that will continue.

But here in Texas and throughout most of the nation, flu activity has been high for a while. That doesn't necessarily mean that the flu as at its peak; health experts have said things could get worse in weeks to come. It is still not to late to seek out the protection of a flu shot! Even for those who still fall ill, the vaccine often provides enough protection to mean a much milder case.



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