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Tuesday April 9, 2019

New York mayor orders measles vaccination


This is what it has come to: Mandatory measles vaccines were ordered today in an area of New York City because the number of measles cases has become a threat to public health.

It's a reminder that the decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate isn't a n uindividual choice made in a vacuum. There are vulnerable people out there who cannot be protected against measles -- those with compromised immune systems, babies too young to be vaccinated, or the small percentage of people who don't derive immunity from the vaccine.

It isn't right to endanger these people who do not have a choice, and so the mayor of New York is taking action to protect them. 

All of this was a result of a single unvaccinated child who visited Israel, where there has been a large measles outbreak. Without herd immunity at home in Brooklyn, that one child is the source of close to 300 people being sickened.

To read about the vaccination order in New York, go here ot here.


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