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Wednesday April 11, 2018

TIP Op-Ed: Vaccination is About Science, Not Politics

Think about it. Do politicians make strange claims that kidney dialysis doesn’t save lives, counter to all medical evidence? Does anyone try to get dedicated, hard-working legislators booted from their jobs because they encourage the use of insulin for people whose doctors recommend it for Type 1 diabetes?

Tuesday April 3, 2018

The Ultimate Vaccine Quiz

Our readers tend to be very knowledgeable about vaccination. But exactly how expert are you on the subject? This is National Public Health Week, with today particularly devoted to the fight against communicable diseases. In honor of the day, we’ve come up with this quiz for you to test your vaccine knowledge. Answers below; don’t peek!

Thursday March 29, 2018

The Search for a One-Time Flu Vaccine

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a single, effective flu shot that worked for all strains? One that we might get once and never need again? Scientists are at work on that right now, and they think they might have found a pathway to making it work.

Thursday March 15, 2018

Meningococcal Vaccine, the Teen Vaccine Too Easily Forgotten

Meningococcal disease is a rare disease, but one with swift and terrible consequences. In a very short time, those stricken can end up in the hospital with this life-threatening illness, at risk of deafness, the need for limb amputation and even of dying.

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