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Wednesday August 30, 2017

A Texas Vaccine Hero Stands up to Bullies

Dr. Peter J. Hotez is known as a prescient voice on the issue of tropical diseases, after he predicted the arrival of Zika virus well before it wrought so much havoc last year.

Thursday August 24, 2017

5 Great YouTube Videos on the HPV Vaccine

For this last week of National Immunization Awareness Month, when the theme is all about potentially lifesaving vaccinations for pre-teens and teens, we’re letting the creative and caring people on YouTube tell the story of HPV-related cancer and the suffering that could be prevented if vaccination rates were to increase.

Thursday August 17, 2017

Older Adults Need Their Shingles Vaccine

At some point in their lifetime, one in three Americans will get shingles, a very painful reactivation of the chickenpox virus. It generally lasts for at least a month, and can even develop into a longer-term condition called post-herpetic neuralgia, in which the sensation of burning and aching, as well as sensitivity to touch, can continue for years.

Thursday August 10, 2017

Good News on Pertussis Vaccine for Pregnant Women

Hurray for pregnant women and their doctors! At a time when much of the immunization news seems to be about people rejecting vaccines—and outbreaks caused by low vaccination rates—expectant mothers are trending in the opposite direction and thinking smart about protecting their babies. Research has shown that newborn babies receive protection from whooping cough if their mothers get the Tdap booster vaccine during pregnancy, according to the CDC.

Thursday August 3, 2017

The Tragedy of Europe's Measles Outbreak

As bad as the Minnesota measles outbreak has been, it is dwarfed by the tragic situation in Europe. A July report by the World Health Organization points out that 3,300 Italians have caught measles over the past 12 months, and one 6-year-old boy died.Another child died in Germany, one in Portugal. And in Romania, where the medical system is not as sophisticated as in the other three countries, 31 children died of measles.

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