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Back To School Means Vaccination Time

By Don Morgan | August 08, 2017

Originally published in the KTSA

By Don Morgan

As the days leading up to the start of the school year wind down, experts are urging parents to make sure their children are up to date on vaccinations.

Rekha Lakshmanan at The Immunization Partnership says vaccines are a 20th century medical miracle, shielding millions of children from a number of deadly diseases.

“Vaccines are extremely safe and effective. A vaccine is studied for many, many years before it even becomes available for the public.”

And for those parents who choose to not have their children vaccinated?

“My advice is to have a conversation with your Doctor.”

She also advises you to make those appointments as soon as possible as Doctor’s offices get extremely busy in the days before the kids head back to school.

The numbers show Teas has a great vaccination rate for children living here but there is a lot of concern over the growing number of children who are NOT vaccinated.

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