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National Premier of “Invisible Threat”

By Houston Hip and Haute | March 11, 2014

Originally published in the Houston Hip and Haute

Lisa Posard, Anna Dragsbaek, CEO The Immunization Partnership, Amy Pisani
Photos by: Gary Fountain Photography

Houstonians didn’t allow the wintery weather to deter their plans to see the National Premier of “Invisible Threat” at Sundance Cinemas, hosted by The Immunization Partnership. Following the show, Anna Dragsbaek, president and CEO of The Immunization Partnership, moderated a spirited panel discussion which included Lisa Posard (Producer), Dr. Carol Baker(Executive Director of the Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research at Texas Children’s Hospital), Amy Pisani (Executive Director of Every Child by Two), and Frankie Milley (Founder/National Executive Director of Meningitis Angels). As customary for Hollywood productions, over 75 people walked the Red Carpet, and posed for photos. “Invisible Threat” chronicles the work of award-winning teen broadcast journalists as they interview families, physicians and experts about the true risks and benefits of vaccination. Drawing on lessons learned from their debut documentary about the Holocaust, these teens share their experiences as their simple educational film transforms into a soul-searching project they fight to complete. The 40-minute documentary has earned praise from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Mayo Clinic, Texas Children’s Hospital and more.

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