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Opting out of vaccinations puts children at risk

By Catherine Cooksley | August 24, 2018

Originally published in the Galveston County Daily News

I was shocked to recently see the state health department report that over 1 percent — nearly 60,000 — of school-age children are attending Texas schools without all required vaccines. Many of those exemptions are because parents are choosing not to vaccinate based on bad information.

As a parent and grandparent, this scares and angers me. Vaccines are lifesaving. This is proven. Please don’t let our area schools be among those affected by an outbreak. I’m not debating one’s ability to choose. However, with choices come consequences, and where vaccine-preventable illnesses are concerned, those consequences can be dire, even deadly to those who are susceptible.

With August being National Immunization Awareness Month, it’s reassuring to see reports that a significant number of Texans support vaccine school requirements. The majority of us agree vaccines work and adhere. To those who are unsure or opposed, get informed about the benefits of vaccines and make sure you and your family are current on yours. Please allow this prevention strategy to work for all of us.

Catherine Cooksley


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