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Take Action

Take Action

Take action in support of immunization! Your involvement -- big or small -- will help keep our communities free from vaccine-preventable disease. We offer opportunities to act statewide, in your own community, and online. Please join us!

Write Your Legislator

Got five minutes?

  • Take action on critical immunization issues. Use our online tool.
  • Visit our blog, TIP Talk, and share the link with a friend.
  • Send us a picture of immunization advocacy in action.

Got Ten Minutes?

  • Check out our Publications and Legislative Successes to learn more about our legislative priorities and opportunities for stakeholder feedback.
  • Share alerts, updates, or stories on your own website, blog, or social networking space.
  • Create an elevator speech on why immunizations are important - and share it with a friend.
  • Take the time to make calls to your elected officials in support of immunization, including your state senator and representative. Find out who represents you here.
  • Tell your story and tell us why you have chosen to be an immunization advocate.

Got More Time?

  • Contact your local immunization coalition and get involved.
  • Organize a letter-writing campaign and mobilize your community to contact local or state lawmakers. Encourage colleagues, friends/family, parents, physicians, administrators, and health officials to write letters or emails in support of immunizations.
  • Contact your local media representatives. Write a letter-to-the editor about immunization events that are occurring locally or at the state level. Tell your story and ask for change on the issue.
  • Arrange a visit with your legislator or staff person at their district office or the State Capitol. 
  • Volunteer in our office or at an upcoming TIP event - contact us.

Looking for more ways to get involved? Contact us for more information.

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