Take Action

Got 5 minutes?

Learn the legislative process

Find out who represents you at: https://capitol.texas.gov/

Phone your legislator asking them for their support on pro immunization issues- POLITICS ARE LOCAL and phone calls take 90 seconds!

Tweet your support for immunizations to your state’s legislators

Post positive messages of support on your state legislator’s social media page

Share fact-based information and articles on your social media platform. Encourage friends and family to share with their networks

Got 10 minutes?

Send an email or letter to your legislator asking them for your support on immunization issues (e.g., exemption transparency, registry opt-out). Go to ______ easy to use legislative portal

Use TIP’s sample scripts to help guide you

Got more time?

Visit legislators in district and capitol offices

Organize a letter writing campaign with friends

Write an op-ed for your local newspaper

Host meet and greets or house meetings with fellow vaccine supporters. Create small networks to make group visits to legislators