What We Do

The Immunization Partnership works to significantly increase state immunization rates by being a source of leading research, industry expertise and specialist knowledge; keeping communities informed of vaccination benefits and advising them on how they can use that knowledge to promote change; and advocating at the Texas Legislature for public policy that improves access to vaccination and permits healthcare professionals to build healthy communities.

We increase immunization through CONNECTION

By leveraging expertise we gain serving as the connection for a coalition of researchers, clinicians, community organizations and government entities - - we represent a uniquely knowledgeable, credible voice in Austin, and equip others to be powerful voices, too.

We increase immunization through EDUCATION

We equip communities with the most recent information and strategies they need to encourage immunization and increase vaccine confidence.

We increase immunization through ADVOCACY

With input from partners who include public health officials, medical experts, and business leaders, and with reinforcement from grassroot supporters, we work closely with legislators at the Texas State Capitol to shape public policy to improve accessibility to vaccines.