Why We're Here

Despite having vaccines that prevent more than 20 life-threatening diseases, those diseases have not gone away. The number of people receiving routine vaccinations has dropped for the first time in a decade. Texas is ground-zero for the anti-vaccination movement, putting our children and our communities at great risk for disease outbreaks, such as measles and chicken pox.  More Texas families are opting their children out from one or more school required vaccines, leading to an increase in vaccine exemptions.

Because Texans need accurate resources

Lack of easy access to vaccines continues to affect vaccination rates, but misinformation campaigns about COVID-19 vaccination has spilled over to further deter routine immunizations. 


Because Texans need to be well informed

Immunization rates vary greatly between certain segments of the state’s population. Lack of community outreach and systems to deliver vaccines results in disparities that threaten public health.


Because Texans need policy that protects them

Vaccine deniers, with the help of statewide political operatives, have built a power base in Texas. Their legislative agenda includes elimination of required immunizations that have kept Texas children safe for generations.